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Technology Use Rules

All district Technology Acceptable Use Policies are enforced at Pine Valley. (APIP) Students who improperly use school equipment or network access may lose their technology privilege. An alternative assignment may be given, and parents or guardians will be notified.



-Ask for permission before using school computers.

-Computer use is for school-related assignments and projects only.

-Treat school computers and equipment with care and respect.  Do not remove, damage, or misuse any equipment or accessories.

-School computers are set up for the maximum use of all students and staff. Students may not alter default settings.

-Do not download, install, or remove any software on a school computer.

-Software installed on school computers is copyrighted.  Do not copy, distribute, or alter it in any way.

-Protect your password(s).  Never share your password or computer access with others.

-Do Not change, copy, delete, read, or otherwise access computer or network files that are not yours.

-Students may not use school computers for email, instant messaging, or other personal communications.

-Bullying in any form (including using the Internet and any social networks) is unacceptable and not permitted.

-Visit only school approved websites.

-Never provide personal or other identifying information anywhere on the Internet. Protect yourself and others from cyber predators.

-Do not plagiarize. Always use proper citations when including images or text information from a website or electronic references.

-School officials have the authority to impose discipline for harm caused by off campus online speech when that speech has, or a reasonable person would anticipate it will:

  • Cause an impact at school
  • Interferes with the rights of students to be secure and/or receive an education
  • And/or is a “true threat”