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Pine Valley Homework Policy

Pine Valley Homework Policy...


In accordance with SRVUSD district policy and specifically AR 6154, Pine Valley Middle School believes that homework is a vital component in supporting the learning that happens daily in our classrooms.


The topic is visited annually by grade level and curriculum groups with ongoing conversations with PV parent groups; School Site Council, as well as PTA. The roll of homework and all expectations are shared in course syllabi, which are presented annually at Back to School Night. The policies are also posted online via the school’s webpage and individual teacher’s School Loop webpages.


Homework management and study skills are taught in the 6th grade wheel, as well as the Study Skills electives. Our school counselors also proactively discuss time management and prioritation skills with students, as needed. On a monthly basis, teachers are reminded about the disproportionate power of zeroes and staff accepts late assignments within the parameters determined by the curriculum groups. Parents/Students are encouraged to reach out proactively and communicate directly with teachers if there are extenuating circumstances that do not allow a student to complete work. Teachers are encouraged to work with families and students to support the district and site guidelines while taking into account individual issues that develop.


AR 6154 Instruction Middle School


1. Total homework assignments shall be no more than one hour, 20 minutes per course per week and no more than 20 minutes per night per course. All work, including long-term assignments and projects that require work outside of the classroom shall be included in this time frame. Advanced courses may require additional time. Weekend homework, if assigned, shall not exceed 20 minutes per course.


2. In order to coordinate due dates and balance the workload, departments will collaborate with each other and be aware of long-term projects/assignments, and major tests in all curricular areas.


3. Project-based assignments are designed to reinforce Common Core State Standards, promote collaboration and independent thinking. Project-based assignments shall primarily be undertaken and completed in the classroom. Teachers will provide in-class collaboration time for group projects with specific tasks to be completed independently. Long-term assignments and projects that require work outside of the classroom shall be limited in number and duration. Some portions of projects may be assigned as homework; however, these tasks shall not require significant assistance from parents or the purchase of materials. Long-term assignments and projects shall include clear checkpoints to monitor progress toward completion. Long-term assignments and projects that require work outside of the classroom shall not require meeting in person.