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Staff Directory

Contact Meredith Bullock  Meredith Bullock Assistant Principal
Contact Nicole Chaplan  Nicole Chaplan Assistant Principal
Contact Jason Law  Jason Law Principal
Administration Support
Contact Rebecca Bartolone  Rebecca Bartolone Office Manager
Contact Christine Catura  Christine Catura Attendance Clerk
Contact Silvia Paniagua-Loney  Silvia Paniagua-Loney Front Office
Contact Gina Arieta  Gina Arieta Counselor Tech
Contact Mrs. Lapp  Mrs. Lapp (925) 479-7717 7th grade L-Z and 8th grade Counselor
Contact Sharon Stewart  Sharon Stewart Teacher
Core 6
Contact Ms. Ciriaco  Ms. Ciriaco (925) 479-7748 6th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Mrs. Cooper  Mrs. Cooper 6th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Ms. DeMartini  Ms. DeMartini 6th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Mrs. Fenstermacher  Mrs. Fenstermacher 6th Grade Teacher
Contact Mrs. Knudson  Mrs. Knudson (925) 479-7743 6th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Ms Mulholland  Ms Mulholland 6th Grade Core and Leadership Teacher
Core 7
Contact Mrs. Lomando  Mrs. Lomando 7th Grade Teacher
Contact Mrs. Nice  Mrs. Nice 7th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Miss Raab  Miss Raab 7th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Simone Yamshon  Simone Yamshon Teacher
Contact Ms. Hoyt  Ms. Hoyt 8th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Mrs. Lawrence  Mrs. Lawrence 8th grade Core Teacher
Contact Mrs. Robinson  Mrs. Robinson 8th Grade Teacher
Contact Mr. Scioscia  Mr. Scioscia 8th Grade Teacher
Contact Ms. Buzato  Ms. Buzato Math Teacher
Contact Mr. Erbez  Mr. Erbez (925) 479-7754 Math Teacher
Contact Ms Hissen  Ms Hissen Math Teacher
Contact Mrs. Larsen  Mrs. Larsen Math Teacher
Contact Miss Meredith  Miss Meredith (925) 479-7739 Math Teacher
Contact Mrs. Shivitz  Mrs. Shivitz (925) 479-7700 Math Teacher
Contact Mrs. Charles  Mrs. Charles (925) 479-7781 6th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Mrs. Herrera  Mrs. Herrera (925) 479-7780 Science 8 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Irvin  Mrs. Irvin (925) 479-7782 6th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Mrs. Jones  Mrs. Jones (925) 479-7794 7th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Ms. Marchese  Ms. Marchese (925) 479-7757 Science 7, Forensics Teacher
Contact Mr. Miller  Mr. Miller (925) 479-7756 Science 8 Teacher
Contact Ms. Grame  Ms. Grame (925) 479-7766 Art Teacher
Contact Mrs. Layman  Mrs. Layman (925) 479-7752 French 1A, French 1B, Living Skills 1, Living Skills 2 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Nair  Mrs. Nair (925) 479-7760 Computer Projects, Computer Applications, Wheel Teacher
Contact Mrs. Nassar  Mrs. Nassar Spanish Teacher
Contact Mrs. Peterson  Mrs. Peterson Teacher Librarian
Contact Mr. Reeves  Mr. Reeves (925) 479-7779 Technology Lab Teacher
Contact Ms Rodriguez-Jong  Ms Rodriguez-Jong Spanish Teacher
Contact Mr. Rugani  Mr. Rugani (925) 479-7776 Band 6, Band 7 & 8, Orchestra Teacher
Contact Mrs. Schluntz  Mrs. Schluntz (925) 479-7789 Drama, Advanced Drama, Publications, Wheel Teacher
Contact Mrs. Vargas  Mrs. Vargas Spanish Teacher
Academic Support / Resource / Special Education
Contact Sudhi Banga  Sudhi Banga Staff
Contact Jennifer Chapman  Jennifer Chapman Staff
Contact Mrs. Coleman  Mrs. Coleman Teacher
Contact Aaron Factor  Aaron Factor Staff
Contact Mr. Kang  Mr. Kang 8th Grade Resource Support Teacher
Contact Luz Teresa McKinney  Luz Teresa McKinney Para Professional
Contact Mrs. Moore  Mrs. Moore (925) 479-7733 Reading Teacher
Contact Mrs. Rishwain-Sawyer  Mrs. Rishwain-Sawyer SDC Teacher
Contact Amanda Saxer  Amanda Saxer Staff
Contact Siva Swaminathan  Siva Swaminathan Staff
Contact Carol Warrington  Carol Warrington Para Professional
Physical Education
Contact Ms. Bowman  Ms. Bowman (925) 479-7793 PE Teacher
Contact Mr. Munson  Mr. Munson (925) 479-7794 P.E. 6 Teacher
Contact Mr. Tenney  Mr. Tenney PE Teacher
Contact Mr. Vespi  Mr. Vespi (925) 479-7795 P.E. 7/8 Teacher
Contact Robyn Ambler  Robyn Ambler (925) 477-7644 Site Technology Support / Sys Admin
Contact Bobby Prasad  Bobby Prasad Custodian
Contact Stevan Sikes  Stevan Sikes Custodian
Kitchen Staff
admin team