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Dress Code

If, at any time, a student’s dress is inappropriate and/or disrupts the educational program, s/he will be notified and will either be sent home to change into proper attire, or other arrangements will be made to remedy the situation. (APIP) The following guidelines apply to all regular and after school activities:

  • Clothes must be sufficient to allow a full range of motion and conceal undergarments at all times.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. No slippers are allowed, including Ugg type open back slip-on style shoes. “Slides” are not to be worn at school.
  • Flannel or pajama-type pants are not allowed.
  • Clothing and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignia, which is crude, vulgar, profane, sexually suggestive, promotes violence, or the use of illegal substances, or advocates negative racial/ethnic prejudice, or is disrespectful. These judgments are at the discretion of school administration.
  • Hats, caps, hoods or any other head coverings shall not be worn in classrooms at any time during school hours. In compliance with SB310 [38183.5] students are allowed to wear sun-protective clothing, including hats, while outdoors during the school day.
  •  See-through, fishnet fabrics, halter or low-cut tops, tank tops, garments with gaping holes, off-the-shoulder, bare midriffs, sagging pants, and skirts or shorts that are shorter than pinky length are not permitted. T-shirt straps must be at least two inches wide and high cut. Bra straps and underwear should not be visible. Tights and “Yoga” style pants are discouraged. If worn, tops/shirts should cover students’ butts.
  • Any student wearing or carrying overt gang paraphernalia or making gestures that symbolize gang membership shall be referred to an administrator.

Intentional, identical outfits that are worn by groups of students are not permitted at school dances. (Planned, similar theme dress outfits will be allowed at certain school-sponsored Spirit Days).